Pro-Am Polish Cup

Tournament date change! New date - 28.01.2023

Pro-Am Polish Cup


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Registration for contestants

Please read the Regulations prior to submitting your entry.


For the duration of the tournament, we have prepared a special accommodation offer at the Arche.



Pro-Am is a movement in dance which was initiated in Poland by a popular “Dancing with the Stars” TV show. We were one of the first in Poland to start organising Pro-Am dance competitions. The competitions are currently held all over Poland and gather a huge crowd of fans and most importantly, a growing number of great couples. It is a very popular movement worldwide. As a rule, a Professional dancer – a PRO, takes part in dance competitions with a person who has never competed professionally – an AMateur.
ProAm is a very popular dance teaching system that originated in the United States. Currently, there are numerous schools around the world operating in this system; it covers practically all partner-dance styles, including ballroom dancing, salsa, Argentine tango, swing and many more. A perfect option for students who start learning in this system is the ability to choose the number of dances. In the single dance category, it is enough to present one selected dance; in a 3 dance challenge category – 3 dances and in the Scholarship category – 5 dances.
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How to start

Pro-Am is the perfect way for fast and effective learning taking account of the pace of work,
available time and types of learned dances and tailoring them to the individual student’s needs.
See how it works in Akademia Tańca.

Option 1

Membership fee in the amount of PLN 200 (per month) entitles you to:

  • Participate in one class per week in each dance style (International Standard and Latin)
  • Use dance halls for your own training and dance practice in keeping with the applicable schedule (together with your partner)
  • Buy a 10-hour individual lessons pack at a promotional price of PLN 1000
  • Buy a single lesson with the price for the dance hall of PLN 40

Option 2

The use of the Akademia Tańca offer without a membership fee entitles you to use the dance halls for your own training and dance practice in keeping with the applicable schedule and at the following rate: for lesson, self-practice or training with a partner – PLN 50 for 60 min.


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